Avoiding My Mom’s Bad Back Issues by Regularly Visiting My Campbell Chiropractor

My mom’s back used to hurt her something awful. I would watch her try to walk upright in her later years and she just hobbled along. She would not go to a chiropractor. She had it set in her head that a chiropractor could not help her. Well, I inherited mom’s bad back. However, I do not have the level of pain or debilitation that she did. It got bad for a time, but I decided to give a Campbell chiropractor a try. All the MDs suggested was pain pills, more imaging and maybe surgery. That is not for me.

I have a friend who has had more than a dozen surgeries on his back. He said he broke his back at work and has never been the same since. I was wondering, in my layman’s mind, how a single break could lead to more than a dozen surgeries and you still have a back that hurts terribly. That was why I was not having any surgeries on my back. I would just go to my chiropractor to keep moving. I would have extended periods of no issues, but I went to my Campbell chiropractor when it started to hurt at all.

My chiropractor keeps my back in the best shape it can be in. I get recommendations for exercises to help me build strength to avoid injuries. I am able to maintain an active lifestyle even though my back is like my mom’s. I get sore like a normal person when I overdo it now, but I no longer have the pain that makes it so I cannot even stand comfortably. I am also very happy to not be taking any of those prescription painkillers the regular doctors would prescribe. They made me sick at my stomach, caused constipation and made me extremely drowsy.