Always a Good Idea to Keep Things off the Floor

I tripped and fell in my living room a couple of months ago. I had left my running shoes out and that is how it happened. I have told my husband so many times to not leave his shoes out because they’re a tripping hazard, but now I had done it myself and caused my own trouble. I had to quickly go see a dentist in Fremont because I cracked my tooth when I fell and hit the arm on our couch. The pain was pretty strong when I first slammed into it. I reached up to touch my teeth when I got up, and I was happy to see that I hadn’t lost or broken any. But I looked in the mirror soon after and saw the crack.

The dentist told me that I would need to have my tooth capped. He said that I should not worry because he could make sure that the cap would match my front teeth perfectly and no one would even know. He says that he has employees who create the cap and they pay very close attention to what they’re doing so that patients can smile without worrying about whether anyone else notices anything. This made me glad to hear. I love my smile and I did not want to suddenly feel like people were staring at my teeth. Having the tooth capped was no big deal to have done, too. Everything turned out to be pain free throughout.

When I got home after my appointment, I came home to the living room looking at bit different. My husband had spent a little time arranging things so that there was more space in the room. He said that he thought it was best that we have more room to get around without either one of us tripping over things.